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    In times past God spoke through holy men, the prophets.
    They used to speak to kings and lead the people of God. Today everyone has access to God through the Holy Spirit.
    Today we can not only hear God for ourself but it also possible to request a personal prophecy off a prophet.
    I pray you are blessed by this site and my prophetic gift.

Welcome to Matthew Robert Payne Ministries

Matthew Robert Payne was born into a Christian family and as a child, attended a traditional Baptist church with a strong focus on the Word of God. At the age of 8, he gave his life to Jesus and attended church every Sunday morning and evening until he was seventeen.

Matthew was abused at 14 and this caused him a lot of trauma which resulted in some very dark years of addiction and a season away from church and God. Throughout all those years in the wilderness of faith, Jesus proved to be a faithful friend

At 27, Matthew was introduced to a Pentecostal church and enjoyed the vibrant life he saw there. In a vision, Jesus instructed Matthew to be baptized in water, and came out of the water baptized in the Holy Spirit.Within a week,while praying for his ex-wife, Matthew began to speak in tongues. However, Matthew had conversations with Jesusfor years before he was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Visits to Heaven

Matthew has had great success with opening people’s spiritual eyes and taking them on a guided tour of heaven in a vision. A person might really want to experience heaven but might never have been able to access it. Matthew has been shown how to take people to heaven with the help of the Holy Spirit, and he introduces people to heaven and takes them on their first heavenly encounter. Matthew trusts that the person can simply access heaven the same way on their own in the future.
You can request your visit to heaven at this link http://personal-prophecy-today.com/visiting-heaven-trips/

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