Matthew lives to teach Christians how to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and how to live a supernatural life. Matthew does not have all the answers to everything about the Christian life, but he has learned how to be a positive influence on those he meets. He has learned to be the light of Christ in this world.

Each book Matthew produces costs between $1,500 and $2,000 Australian. Matthew pours out an enormous amount of money in order to price a book for 99 cents on Kindle, which is the regular price of most of Matthew’s books. Matthew really believes that it is his role to educate the Christian world to the eternal truths that he knows and lives out.

Matthew has found that many people who have read his books or who know his character through Facebook have felt led to donate money to him. They know that Matthew lives frugally and that he spends a lot of money each year to produce the books that he writes.

You can contact Matthew and ask him about the current books that he is writing and direct your money to a specific book. You can even sponsor the cost of a whole book. Matthew is happy to share that two people in 2016 paid for the total production of a book. He knows that these people will receive their rewards in heaven for each person that these books reach.

Besides charging the low price of 99 cents per book on Kindle, Matthew endeavors to make each of his books free on Kindle one day a month. This truly allows people to take advantage of his knowledge.

Jesus told Matthew in December 2016 that anyone who blesses his ministry will be blessed by the Father and his angels and anyone who comes against his ministry will also be dealt with by God. Jesus told Matthew simply that he does not need to pray for those that donate to him as the Lord will see to it that these people are blessed by him. Matthew will write to you and thank you for your gift upon your donation.

You can sow a gift of any amount to Matthew via PayPal below.