Book writing

Writing non-fiction Christian books consumes much of Matthew’s time.He writes and self publishes about a new book every six to eight weeks. We encourage you to go to the books page on this site to see the books that Matthew has authored. You can write to Matthew and ask him about his latest project and possibly donate to him and sponsor part of a book or the whole cost of a book.

Personal Prophecy

Matthew has 20 years’ experience in delivering personal prophecy to strangers. Matthew can seek the Lord for a prophetic word for a person by simply having the person’s name, email address and gender. Jesus is really kind, and Matthew believes he has a message for everyone. Matthew asks for a donation before he prophesies and will not prophesy over people who do not approach him through his website with their donation.

You can request a prophecy at this link

Life Coaching

Sometimes a person needs more than a prophecy. Sometimes people have questions about the direction that they should go, and they need to make decisions.They need to have input from a prophet who has access to God. Matthew has had great success with people that have come to him for further insight about their lives. Each session is generally conducted over Skype and lasts for at least half an hour. Rather than requesting a prophecy and asking a few questions in your request, Matthew answers those questions at length via a life coaching session.

You can request life coaching at this link

Visits to Heaven

Matthew has had great success with opening people’s spiritual eyes and taking them on a guided tour of heaven in a vision. A person might really want to experience heaven but might never have been able to access it. Matthew has been shown how to take people to heaven with the help of the Holy Spirit, and he introduces people to heaven and takes them on their first heavenly encounter. Matthew trusts that the person can simply access heaven the same way on their own in the future.

You can request your visit to heaven at this link

Message from Your Angel

How would you like to receive a message from your guardian angel?

Would you like to:

  1. Learn your angel’s name?
  2. See a picture of what your angel looks like?
  3. Listen to a personal two-minute message from your angel to you?

You can request a message from your angel at this link